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Fixing the interior door handles

[wiki link=”#”]How to fix cracked interior door handles[/wiki] Warning: Image Heavy! Like many VX owners, the inside door handles have cracked on the inside seam where the plastic thins out from constantly grabbing it and pulling the door shut. Mine...


Intake Mods

Upgraded my filter from a cheap Spectre cone filter to a new Green Filter 2383 Green High Performance Air Filter. This is mated to a Skunk2 343-99-0500 Black 3.5″ Composite Velocity Stack and then into a 45 degree silicone hose reducer. Right now...


Big 3 Upgrade

Did some research on how to fix my headlight dimming while running my subwoofer or even the slight power loss with just running my headlights at night, with or without my sub running. I’ve also had problems with rough idle...