Big 3 Upgrade

Did some research on how to fix my headlight dimming while running my subwoofer or even the slight power loss with just running my headlights at night, with or without my sub running. I’ve also had problems with rough idle when opening/closing my windows. I kept running across the “big 3 upgrade” online, so I did a bit of research on it and finally took the plunge.

Here is the “how-to” I decided to follow.

The products I had collected:

  1. Cadence 0 gauge power wire [ebay link]
  2. 0 guage copper ring terminals with 3/8″ hole [ebay link]
  3. 3/4″ Adhesive lined heat shrink tubing red & black [ebay link]

Project on hold to finish my other projects… Time to¬†prioritize all these projects on the VX!

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