Custom Awning

Ostrich Wing

Rack Mounted Awning

Rack Mounted Awning

To go along with the custom roof rack/basket, I will be building a rack mounted awning. Above is just one of many different designs for the awning and the one I’m leaning towards a bit more than the others. This will be a pole-less design (w/o the ground poles) with collapsible arms that will fold into its holder. As for awning material, I’m leaning towards silnylon as it is waterproof and lightweight compared to cordura or canvas, which will also roll up into the holder. To keep them in the open position, I will have a line that connects from the outer poles to the rack.

Update on Design: Feb 20, 2019

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  1. Mikhail says:

    Any updates on this project? I’m very interested in buying one if the price is reasonable to me.

    • Knigh7s says:

      I’m still in the scaled down prototyping stage. I don’t think I would have the means to make multiple sets, but it has been something rolling around in the back of my mind. Maybe a group buy of some sort. I will be posting a project update and supply and materials list, so one could make it on their own.

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