Project: Modernize

This project is to modernize the aging Vehicross with luxury, technology, and usability.

Interior Road Map
Single to Double Din Conversion
Prepare for Android Auto integration
Center Air Vent Relocation and Style
Center Console Conversion1
Reverse Monitor2
Blind Spot Indicator w/LED notification
Alarm System Upgrade3
Auto Windows4
Window Track Modification/Fix
Gauge Cluster Upgrade5
Interior Lighting6

Exterior Road Map
Roof Rail and Rack integration
Headlight Projector Conversion
COMPLETE VX-O2 Style Skid Plates
VX-O2 Style Side Skirts
Ford Raptor Style Grill Lights (


Notes Superscripts
1 Possible Jetta MKIV center console with arm rest
2 Sensors and Rear Camera
3 Add additional features to aftermarket alarm system
4 DEI535T & AutoWindow integration
5 Custom gauge face via LEDMods and LED back lights
6 Integrate cargo light, update to LEDs