Yes, that is right, VXLounge is now MyVehicross. My Vehicross is basically a blog about my Vehicross.

I remember one day as I was leaving the Texas Station Casino after a movie. I was in the parking garage ready to leave when I had passed a vehicle that was reversed parked. I literally took like 15 steps backwards just to get a second look. At that time, I only looked at the front end and a portion of the side of this yellow SUV in front of me. All I was able to catch was the Isuzu logo on the grill. After that, that was it. I had all but forgotten about it. About a year later, I needed another vehicle as my current ride at the time wasn’t to reliable. ’93 Mitsubishi Eclipse, for those that are wondering. It went through 2 engine swaps already and I was getting a bit stressed out about it. That’s when everything started.

I was looking for a 2000+ vehicle that was different. I hated that I saw every other vehicle at every other corner on the streets. That’s when I remembered “Isuzu”. So I went online and started my research where I found the Isuzu Vehicross. I bounced around online doing my research and looking at for sale ads… … TBC

Need to know how to fix or mod something, check out the Wiki pages. This is fully community driven so information will only be available as fast as you can get them up…

Stay tuned for more to come…



Japanese: いすゞビークロス
Romaji: Isuzu bīkurosu
Pronounced: Isuzu Bee-kros