Subwoofer Amplifier Install – #2

I finally decided it was time to finish my long overdue amplifier relocation. I was getting sick of it just sitting on top of the sub box rattling around in the trunk. I originally wanted to install it behind the...


New Tires 02/14/2015

Finally a new set of shoes for the VX. After all these years, this would be the first set of “brand” new tires I was ever able to get. I was surviving off of used tires all this time. As...


JDM Style Wind Deflectors

The JDM “Style” Wind Deflectors were part of a group buy that I had assisted with that were part of a limited run manufactured in Russia. A fellow forum member was able to find a company to take the JDM...


Door Panel Switch LED Mod

Integration of LED and LED swap for door panel lock and window switches.         Final outcome is a nice and bright, easy to find door lock switch on the passenger side.


Rear Cargo Storage and Subwoofer Box

I’ve been working on a project to get my cargo space back while still retaining my subwoofer/amplifier as well as some extra storage space for the items I carry on a daily. I didn’t like having to recline the back...


Carbon Fiber Hood

This is a real prototype Carbon Fiber Hood by Carbon Fiber One (who is no longer in business). I bought this off a forum member back in 2007 and just recently installed it. I had to make some slight modifications...


New Tires

Drove the 93 Eclipse to Arizona to meet up with another Vehicross member (VX Kat) and picked up 5 tires for a great price that I couldn’t (read had no choice) pass up. The tires I was currently running were...


VX-O2 Concept Style Gear and 4L/H Selector Knobs

Decided to swap out those huge selector knobs with something different. I went with the style used in the VX-O2 Concepts and painted them black. They also have the carbon fiber inserts to better match the interior faux carbon fiber...


Vinyl Graphics & Exterior Lighting Tint

I decided to install some vinyl graphics to the side of the VX as well as my logo on the front widshield and the rear door. I also vinyl tinted the all exterior lights except for the headlights. I...