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Transmission Specifications

4L30E - Used 1990-up.

There are MANY versions and are used in the Cadillac Catera as well many Foreign vehicles (we say Isuzu here) and Postal trucks.

This is a computer controlled overdrive transmission except in the very earliest designs and model application

Rear cooler line is the cooler return line.

Band adjustments:

Intermediate = not used

Reverse = 5 turns

Gear Ratios:

2.40:1 1st gear

1.479:1 2nd gear

1.00:1 3rd gear

0.723:1 4th gear

2.00:1 reverse

Optional Gear Ratios:

2.86:1 1st gear

1.62:1 2nd gear

1.00:1 3rd gear

0.723:1 4th gear

2.00:1 reverse

Service Repair Manual

This is a community created repair manual, as there are no commercial available manual sold.

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