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This Wiki is far from finished. Help the Community by adding your tutorials, pictures, and info. Please triple check that the information you upload is correct as to not mislead anyone looking for information.

Welcome to the VXWiki

Welcome to the VXWiki. Our mission is to provide the largest technical database full of tutorials, how-to's and resources for all the new and old owners of one of the rarest and funnest PUV's to drive. Everyone is free to browse, modify or add to this Wiki. The main purpose for putting a Vehicross related Wiki up, is to serve the users with a fast and easy place to find the answers to your everyday questions, concerns and what not. To start you off, look below at the Component Lounge to jump to the particular area that interest you.

Why make a Wiki for the Isuzu Vehicross? The benifit of having a wiki for the Vehicross is having all the information in one place with out the banter of a forum and hassle of having to search many threads just to find what you need. How many times have you clicked a link to a how-to, only to find it is no longer there, or needed images that no longer exists!? While this Wiki is designed to help the community by providing information, it is also dependent on the community to be updated. Anyone with an account may edit the Wiki. As you feel more comfortable with the site, please feel free to make any changes or additions that you feel necessary.

OK, There are now three sections to this wiki, Service Repair Manual, Component Lounge, and FAQ. The Service Repair Manual is comparable to the Haynes or Chilton repair manuals available for other vehicles and the Component Lounge is where all the fun is at, This is where you will find all the upgrades, mods and info for each item. The FAQ section is where you will find data and specs in regards the the Vehicross.

Component Lounge - FAQs, Mods and Upgrades

Component Lounge - FAQs, Mods and Upgrades

Audio & Video

Audiophiles Check in here! Share you builds!


Increase your stopping power, whats right and whats not.


TOD, Axle Swaps, Gears, and Transmissions.

Electrical System

Wire Harness... Lets get these bugs worked out.


Performance & Swaps. Superchargers and more.


Finding that purrrfect tone. Best setup?


Exterior Mods, Paint, and that Cladding..


Filters, Cold Air, Ram Air and more.


What is better than our stock leather wrapped Recaros?


Lets light up the night, both inside and out!

Suspension & Steering

Beef up that suspension or smooth it out!

Wheels & Tires

Does size really matter?! What is that perfect offset?

Service Repair Manual

Vehiwiki manual.png

This is a community created repair manual, as there are no commercial available manual sold.

Wiki Sections

This Wiki is dedicated to collecting vast amounts of information on the Isuzu Vehicross. The site is a constantly growing collaboration by members to help others learn about the Isuzu Vehicross. We strive for non-biased, factual articles that will assist others in making educated decisions about the Isuzu Vehicross. Whether you are researching the Isuzu Vehicross as a potential car, or looking for new ways to improve its performance and/or looks, this site has what you are looking for.


Learn how to add content and template items to your articles and tutorials using proper wiki syntax. This site is also bootstrapped, to make everything responsive and visually pleasing.


Frequently Asked Questions Find all the data you need on any specific item


This site is a community created info site. MyVehicross, VXWiki, nor any user submitted info will not be held liable for damage or injury. Use at your own risk.