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Manual Transmission Swap w/TOD


  1. AR5 manual 5 speed from 1998-2001 Trooper (Note: 2000-2001 you'll need to source the ECU from donor as they are different. Located in engine bay)
  2. Isuzu 3.5 Flywheel (3.2 will work if you have it turned)
  3. Flywheel bolts (new OEM)
  4. Trooper clutch set (preasure plate, disk, T. O. Bearing) / EXEDY® - Clutch Kit (P/N W0133-1668581-DKN) - Throwout Bearing if buying separate - Sachs unit (P/N W0133-1608860)
  5. Trooper input shaft pilot bearing / NSK Pilot Bearing (P/N W0133-1631634)
  6. New clutch pressure plate bolts OEM
  7. Isuzu Rodeo clutch master cylinder (1998-2001) - Trooper is better fit, but more expensive
  8. Isuzu Rodeo clutch pedal assembly (98-01)
  9. Isuzu Rodeo or Trooper break pedal assembly ???
  10. Isuzu Trooper clutch slave cylinder (1998-2001)
  11. Isuzu Trooper clutch hydraulic lines.
  12. Trooper computer (manual tranny model 98-00)
  13. Trooper shifter boots
  14. New rear main seal
  15. Trooper manual tranny exhaust system (recommended for fitment issues)
  16. Trooper Fuel Sending Unit for proper gauge calibration???
  17. Trooper Fuel Lines (fitment issues)???