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Lens Markings: HCR-66 Stanley 6880L HB2 VOL SAE HR 97 DOT

Front Turn Signals

Lens Markings: KOITO 210-21726 JAPAN SAE 1 97 DOT L

Isuzu Part Numbers
Right: 8-97213872-0
Left: 8-97213873-0

Fog Lights / Driving Lights

Lens Markings: ICHIKOH 3327 JAPAN DOT SAE P2 98

Fog lights have NISSAN stamped on the inside of the lens and a light grey checker pattern painted over it from the outside that is usually rubbed off if you have ever scrubbed them.

Isuzu Part Numbers
Right: 8-97207-191-0
Left: 8-97207-192-0

Found to be part of the Nissan 180sx S13 Silvia Type X turn signal assembly(has an amber internal lens and attached to a grill) and the Skyline R33 GT-R front turn signals (amber lens).

Nissan 180sx S13 Silvia Type X / Kouki
S13typex signal.jpg S13typex signal2.jpg S13typex signal3.jpg S13typex signal4.jpg

180sx Part Numbers
Right: B6130-60F00
Left: B6135-60F00

Skyline R33 GT-R
Skyliner33gtr signal.jpg Skyliner33gtr signal2.jpg Skyliner33gtr signal3.jpg Skyliner33gtr signal4.jpg Skyliner33gtr signal5.jpg


Global.rakuten.com-crystal.jpg Global.rakuten.com-crystal2.jpg

Nissan/Renault Figaro / FK10
Figaro signal1.jpg Figaro signal2.jpg Figaro signal3.jpg

Figaro Part Numbers
Right: 000
Left: 000

Rear Side Markers

Front Side Markers

Lens Markings: P0636 L SAE AP2 97 DOT

Tail Lights

Lens Markings: Stanley 043-2024L | Turn Signal: L | Tail Light: SAE IRS7 97 DOT



Front Turn Signals

See USDM - Front Turn Signals above.

Fog Lights / Driving Lights

See USDM - Fog Lights / Driving Lights above.

Rear Side Markers

Front Side Markers

Tail Lights

Bulb Types

# Light Bulb Number
1 High & low beam headlamp H4 also known as 9003 or HB2
2 Parking light 194
3 Front turn signal 1156
4 Rear turn signal 1156
5 Tail light 1157
6 Brake light 1157
7 High mount stop light assembly Sealed LEDs
8 License plate 168 / 194
9 Back up light 1156
10 Front sidemarker 194
11 Rear sidemarker 194
12 Ash tray 74
13 Dome light DE3175
14 Rear View Mirror (Map Light) 212-2 38mm (festoon), 578, 6411
15 Instrument Cluster-general 158 & 74
16 Gear Selector (Center Console)

===Instrument Cluster===
4x 158/194
12x 74 for service lights (dummy lights)

Component Lounge - FAQs, Mods and Upgrades

Component Lounge - FAQs, Mods and Upgrades

Audio & Video

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Electrical System

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Suspension & Steering

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Wheels & Tires

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Service Repair Manual

Vehiwiki manual.png

This is a community created repair manual, as there are no commercial available manual sold.

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